The Shedpoint Story

Shedpoint was born out of the founding team’s realization of a simple unfortunate truth – despite the explosion of local small & medium-sized businesses in the e-commerce & CPG sectors, these companies lacked the support that other industries receive. Entrepreneurs in this space drive the economy and will be the future of our cities – but they faced many roadblocks in the old way of doing things.

Need space? While co-working solutions grew in downtown markets, these real estate options are poor fits for companies who carry physical inventory or need industrial space. We found these businesses relegated to dirty warehouses with rigid leases and no office space.

Just starting out or looking to grow? Existing incubators, accelerators, and business support networks are all tailored to tech companies and service businesses. We found entrepreneurs who had discovered an exciting niche for their products but lacked the support needed to successfully run and grow their business.

This is why we built Shedpoint. We believe businesses are beautiful – and want to create a place and community for e-commerce and innovative industrial entrepreneurs that is tailored them. We are committed to building the best solution for scaling services, fulfillment, and community connection for this growing industry.