Welcome to your new office and warehouse space.

Shedpoint is smashing the stereotype of what a warehouse can be. Our co-warehousing opportunities offer an innovative, flexible, and efficient way to cater to the specific needs of your business.

Each space at Shedpoint has been designed to reflect a key Albertan innovator or entrepreneur of the past, so you can feel connected to the creative and passionate energy that fuels a successful business. The pride we take in maintaining our space is evident everywhere, from the decor to the way we treat our partners.

We understand the importance of having a clean and organized space so you can go about your business. That’s why we don’t cater to contractors who bring in messy outdoor tools. We keep our space clean so you have a proper place to do your best work. 

With proper divider walls and not a single chain-link fence to be seen, we stand out from similar competitors. We’ll never force you to sign expensive multi-year leases, and we won’t sell you space you don’t need.

A Shedpoint membership is flexible, and we are always happy to discuss how we can adapt to your needs. Just looking for office space? We got you covered. Business expanding faster than you anticipated? We got you there as well!

Think a warehouse is just a boring old storage closet? Think again. Features of our co-warehousing space:

  • 24/7 access to your facilities, whenever you need it.
  • An onsite logistical coordinator can help you handle your logistics and fulfilment needs
  • A full gym that’s included in your membership
  • Professional photography equipment that you can use to take photos of your products and create high-quality marketing materials
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs for you to connect, share ideas, and overcome collective challenges with

Interested? You can book a tour to see our facilities here: