Fulfillment and Logistics

Shedpoint is about co-warehousing and co-working solutions, but we go a few steps beyond that. Small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses often struggle the most with the logistical side of the business. That’s where we come in.

Shipping and Receiving

One of the most significant challenges that e-commerce businesses face, especially when first starting out, is getting your product from your hands to the hands of your target client. Often, this step is where individual entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to their craft and channel their passion into their work, fall short of turning their idea into a fully functioning company. Shedpoint is here to help you bridge the gap between your product and business logistics. By joining our community, we will take care of all your end-to-end shipping and receiving needs. We understand the toll this takes on your time and energy and want to help free you up so you can focus on what matters: growing your business to its full potential.

We take care of the logistics so you can focus on the business.

Learn From Us

While we take care of your fulfilment and logistics needs, we also want to support your growth as an entrepreneur and business owner. Running a business can quickly devolve into a conglomerate of complex financial models and legal concerns. Our team of entrepreneurs is well-versed in all of these realms, and we can offer you a wide array of business supports to help you tackle these challenges as they arise. If you have a problem we haven’t seen before, we’ll put you in touch with our network of partners to find someone who can help. In addition, you can always pop by and say hello to your fellow business leaders in our co-working space to get some new ideas and insight!

We believe a rising tide raises all ships, and learning from one another is the best way to build community; once a month, Shedpoint hosts a “Lunch & Learn” on various topics, with speakers ranging from Shedpoint members to outside experts.