Team Shedpoint

Jesse Brown
General Manager

When we say Shedpoint is run by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, we mean it. Jesse is a 3x founder who is in charge of community development and growth at Shedpoint. He understands the unique mix of excitement and stress that comes with growing a business, and he uses this experience to ensure every community member gets what they need to achieve success. Jesse is your go-to solutions person for all things business, sales, and community-related.

Ryan Corry

Handling Operations for the facility is Ryan Corry. Ryan is a former professional hockey player turned entrepreneur. Ryan has extensive startup experience, previously founding one non-profit and three for-profit companies, within the event, tech and ecommerce industries. His experience in these sectors gives him the necessary tools to support our members and the facility. Ryan is a great resource to lean on when it comes to shipping, manufacturing, websites, inventory management, marketing and all things local business.