What is co-warehousing

Tired of traditional warehouse companies coercing you into expensive and lengthy committed contracts? Looking for space to house your physical goods and products, but don’t want to buy more space than you need? Want to connect with like-minded individuals to share new ideas on how to run your business?

Co-warehousing might be for you. Multiple small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses coming together in a shared space just might result in something special. Allow your ideas to flow freely to help you build on each other’s successes. 

As an e-commerce startup, you depend on having an accessible, clean, and secure location to house your products, as well as an organized place you can conduct your business from. Co-warehousing is the answer to both of these issues, and Shedpoint’s innovative human-centred approach helps keep you in tune with your business.

Our co-warehouse space is flexible so you get the space in the configuration you need it in. Our office space is tastefully decorated, and we offer larger rooms for you to conduct meetings and have team gatherings in.

Shedpoint’s warehouse is located just 10 minutes from downtown, allowing you easy and convenient access. Our room designs are inspired by previous Alberta innovators; they are the perfect place to launch the next wave of local entrepreneurs. Shedpoint members have 24/7 access to all our facilities, which includes a full gym and professional photography equipment.

While other companies rent you space and stop there, Shedpoint takes things one step further. We want to support your business by being more than your “landlords”. We provide an on-site logistics coordinator who is always available and who can help handle your logistics and fulfilment needs. These represent some of the biggest hurdles and largest timer sinks for new e-commerce startups. Our on-site coordinator can help you set up these important steps while also offering you training and support to get your business growing. 

Looking for something specific? We’re always happy to talk. Contact us today!