A warehouse can be more than just a storage space. Sure, it’s a place to stash your goods, but why stop there? At Shedpoint, we are redefining what it means to rent warehouse space.

Besides co-warehousing, we also offer co-working space. This is a private office space that you can book and use however you choose. You can set up a workstation to conduct your business from, book a boardroom to run company meetings, or use it as a quiet place to think and brainstorm. Just like our co-warehouse space, our office space is flexible and adaptable to your needs. Perhaps you aren’t in need of a full-time office lease. Maybe you just need a place to pop in and out of for a few hours as necessary. Whatever it is that you may need, Shedpoint has you covered. 

Our office space comes with exclusive perks and benefits, including access to our fully equipped gym. There is always onsite parking available for you, and our members enjoy easy 24/7 access, whenever they need it.

Best of all, you get to centre your business in an interconnected flow of ideas, stemming from one entrepreneur to another. One of the biggest strengths of co-working space comes from the ability to share your workspace with a group of like-minded individuals so you can grow your businesses together.

When you join Shedpoint, you get more than a place to store your goods. You become part of our entrepreneurial community and gain access to all of our supports to help innovative e-commerce businesses like yours grow and expand beyond what you thought was possible.

Interested? You can book a tour to see our facilities here: