Benefits of Flexible Office Space

Shedpoint is a company founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We offer coworking and co-warehouse solutions to small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses, as well as sole proprietors like artists and other creators. Shedpoint was built on the idea that offices and warehouses can be more than just renting out a space. Here’s why our coworking solutions are the right choice for you.

Available When you Need it

Big building office rentals may outsource their building maintenance to third-party companies. As a tenant of the building, this can lead to many inconveniences that affect the day-to-day of your business. Moreover, sudden changes to the building that affect when the doors lock and unlock each day, or when maintenance work is being done, can make it difficult for you to access your office space when you need to. At Shedpoint, you have instant and on-demand 24/7 access to your office space. Businesses don’t run on a 9-5 clock, so why should our facilities? You can rest assured that you’ll have space available whenever inspiration decides to strike. 

More than an Office

At Shedpoint, we believe that an office can and should go beyond just a physical space. Our facilities come equipped with all the amenities and resources that small business owners need to get their business growing while maintaining a healthy work-life integration. You can always count on free parking spaces to be available when you arrive in our location that’s strategically located in the heart of Calgary. Our board and meeting rooms provide you spaces to hold meetings and planning sessions with your team. Needing to meet virtually? Not a problem! Our rooms can easily be adapted to let you connect with colleagues around the world. When not at work, you can unwind in our designated recharge/relaxation rooms, or look after your physical fitness with our fully equipped gym. 

Support at Your Fingertips

Shedpoint knows that growing a business from scratch is a huge challenge. In addition to providing you with warehouse and office space, we also offer a variety of small business supports to help you get off the ground. Our dedicated on-site logistics and fulfilment coordinator can handle all your fulfilment needs, and our team is always available to provide general business support as you need it. Looking for new ways to grow your business? Sometimes the best thing to do is to turn to your fellow entrepreneur just down the hall!

When you join Shedpoint, you are joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that are dedicated to working together and supporting one another. Book a tour or give us a call at 587-602-1264 today!

Flexible Office Space