Shedpoint has a fulfillment and logistics provider on site – that’s right, we can take care of your end-to-end shipping and receiving needs just by you becoming a member. Fulfillment is a big time sink and can distract you from growing your business. We aim to help free you up to focus on what you’re best at by offering bespoke solutions for picking, packing, shipping, and receiving that will help you save money through special reduced rates and access new markets through our logistics network.

Business Support

Most e-commerce stories start in a similar way – an entrepreneur finds a niche for a product they are passionate about, sells to a customer or two, and then it’s time to grow the business.

But there’s so many unforeseen challenges that are outside making and/or selling products that customers love. Financial models, legal questions, raising capital, regulatory concerns, hiring, cash management, fulfillment – the list goes on and on. At Shedpoint, we aim to help businesses grow and be successful beyond just providing real estate space, so we offer a wide array of business support services both internally and through our partnership network to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of scaling.

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