The Future is E-Commerce. Get Your Small Business Ready!

Just a few decades ago, starting an internet or e-commerce company would require several specialized IT minds, not to mention wrangling together an assorted team to address marketing, logistics, and every other cog in the machine. Today, e-commerce is a rapidly expanding space with huge potential for growth and innovation. And while getting into the e-commerce scene has become easier in many ways, there are new challenges that the modern e-commerce entrepreneur faces. Shedpoint is here to be your guide and partner as you navigate the ups and downs of managing your own e-commerce business.

Design Your Product

At the heart of your e-commerce business is the product that you are selling. This is of course going to be the driving force of your business, and sales from your products are going to dictate whether or not your business is going to be around this time next year. Making the sale is the first step of getting started, and a quality product is going to make that process that much easier.

Have a Plan in Mind

While your sales are what pumps the heart of your business, having a top-notch product alone is not going to get you very far. When thinking about e-commerce several factors should immediately jump to mind; website interface, customer support, and logistics, just to name a few. The best e-commerce businesses are the ones that are best able to integrate all these factors. When designing your website, you want to keep in mind what is going to best be able to get your message across and make you stand out from the crowd. When considering logistics and fulfillment, you need to make sure that your workers are well-versed in every step of the warehouse process to maximize efficiency, or you need to find a white-glove logistics partner. A logistics partner can help you increase your profit margins by shopping around for the best shipping quotes and ensuring that your product is getting out safely and efficiently. Finally, you need to have a top-notch team ready to handle any issues that might arise from your product. Integrating all these factors is a lot to handle but approaching your business with a plan in mind helps to make things more manageable.

Find Your Support Team

No e-commerce company has ever been successful as a single-person operation. The very nature of e-commerce already involves multiple moving parts, from the warehouse workers to the shipping and delivery companies. Shedpoint’s co-warehousing and co-office spaces provide you access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs that are facing many of the same challenges and issues that you are. We strongly believe that by allowing everyone to share their unique experiences, backgrounds, and expertise, everyone will come out stronger and more knowledgeable. Our very own business model is founded on this simple yet powerful belief.

Like many things in life, the hardest part of jumping into the e-commerce sector is getting started! Shedpoint is here to help you take that oh-so-critical first step. Find out what we can do for you by giving us a call at 587-602-1264 today!

The Future is E-Commerce