Types of Businesses that Operate in a Co-Working Space

Co-warehousing might just be the next best thing in office and warehouse solutions. While large and well-established e-commerce companies have access to a wide array of resources under their belt, the playing field is not so even for smaller groups looking to grow their business. Enter co-warehousing, the idea that is revolutionizing the way e-commerce can be done. Co-warehousing and co-working space allows you to share office and warehouse space with like-minded entrepreneurs, helping cut down costs while gaining access to a business community. Who is co-warehousing for?

Individual Artists

Want to share your creations with the world? Passionate about your art but struggling to get a handle on the logistical side of things? Co-warehousing lets you learn from dedicated entrepreneurs just like you while also offering you the chance to share your expertise. You can safely and securely store your physical products in our co-warehousing space as you go about your day. Shedpoint doesn’t cater to messy contractors with outdoor equipment, so you can rest assured that your space stays clean and organized.

E-Commerce Startups

Breaking into the e-commerce and online shopping sector is no small feat. E-commerce startups have many hurdles in front of them to overcome. Shedpoint is here to help remove some of those hurdles and do whatever we can to help you get to the finish line and beyond. Our onsite logistics and fulfilment coordinator is ready to help you sort out the nitty-gritty details of getting your product out. We provide a plethora of business resources, from regulatory concerns and legal questions to hiring and cash management, so you are equipped with the business tools and knowledge you need to help grow your business. Don’t want to hear it from us? Just head over next door to learn from a like-minded entrepreneur who has gone through many of the same struggles as you.

Medium-Sized Businesses

While startups face many challenges, things don’t necessarily get better for medium-sized e-commerce companies. Although your demand might be growing, keeping your business growing at a parallel pace can prove difficult. Shedpoint’s co-warehousing options provide you with the flexibility and adaptability you need to help you navigate a changing business landscape. We don’t lock you into multi-year contracts or sell you more space than you need. If you need to expand, we got you covered. Demand not quite as high as you thought? We’ll work with you to make sure you are getting what you need. Looking to hire new team members? We can adapt your co-office space to accommodate accordingly.

When you join Shedpoint, you aren’t just getting a storage space. You’re getting access to a community of peers and entrepreneurs who are ready to make a change in the world. Book a tour today by calling 587-602-1264 .

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