Business Centre, Flexible Space, and a Full Gym?

Shedpoint Calgary is committed to innovating and redefining how small and medium-sized e-commerce and other physical goods companies do business. We offer co-warehousing and coworking solutions that allow you to rapidly grow your company while gaining access to our resources and support. In the spirit of innovation, we recognize the need for us to move beyond the traditional idea of “office” and “warehouse”. What is it exactly that Shedpoint has to offer?

Business Centre

Don’t be mistaken, Shedpoint is all about business. Our facilities are centrally located in 10 minutes from downtown Calgary, placing you in an optimal position to carry out business throughout the city and beyond. Upon entering, you’ll instantly notice how we carefully curate the space to emphasize productivity and collaboration. Each of our rooms is designed with a key Albertan innovator or entrepreneur of the past. We offer a state-of-the-art recording studio, which can easily be adapted for you to hold virtual meetings. Our boardrooms are the perfect location for your more local meetings, or for your team brainstorming sessions. 

Flexible Space

Shedpoint knows that business, especially in e-commerce, doesn’t simply function on a 9 to 5 kind of schedule. We make sure that you have access to your warehouse and office space whenever you need it. As a Shedpoint member, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to your facilities with free on-site parking. We also realize that your company is undergoing a period of rapid change and growth. In a short while after joining us, you may discover your needs have changed, or you need access to more space or greater support. Our co-warehousing options allow you to quickly transition your warehouse needs to meet your new demand. As your business grows, you can also take greater advantage of our on-site dedicated logistics and fulfillment coordinator, who will handle these details for you and provide training to your team. Shedpoint is always on hand to provide technical advice and share their business experience.

Full Gym

Who says an office needs to be a bunch of chairs around some desks? While we certainly provide traditional workspaces, Shedpoint strongly believes in modernizing the concept of the office. Included in your membership is access to our fully equipped gym to allow you to continue to achieve your personal fitness and health goals at any time. Our members also inform us that they appreciate the touchdown and relaxation space, where like-minded entrepreneurs are able to meet throughout the day to talk shop, or catch up on anything else. 

Shedpoint provides flexible and adaptable co-warehouse and coworking space solutions to small and medium-sized companies, artists, inventors, and creators looking to grow their business. Give us a call at 587-417-5053 today to book a tour.

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