Three Ways to Use Flexible Meeting Spaces

Shedpoint provides co-warehousing and co-working space for small and medium-sized companies led by passionate entrepreneurs. We go beyond just providing a physical place for you to store your goods and products. A Shedpoint membership allows you access to our state-of-the-art meeting spaces, which are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Virtual Meetings

In the past one and a half years, we have seen the incredible rise of virtual meetings and virtual platforms in business, industry, and academia. While some of this was driven by pandemic changes, in many cases our new virtual reality might be here to stay. Shedpoint’s meeting rooms are all perfect spaces to use as a breakout option for private and efficient online calls. Shedpoint also has a dedicated “Zoom” room equipped with the latest audiovisual and multimedia tools you need to successfully hold meetings with team members from across the world or even record a podcast. You can easily adapt a room for hybrid meetings, solely virtual meetings, or anything in between. As virtual meeting technology continues to expand, you’ll want to be sure you stay connected, especially in a rapidly changing field like e-commerce.

Exchange Ideas

One of the best perks of choosing a coworking space is being able to work alongside like-minded peers. Your fellow innovators, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs are just like you, individuals who are driven by passion and their dream to get their company off the ground and grow. The best way to support your own growth and the growth of your peers is to do it together! In a coworking environment, each person is able to bring their unique expertise and lived experience to help everyone thrive. Perhaps another team is implementing a new way of promotion that you hadn’t considered. Maybe you’ve been looking for a partner to help connect you with local suppliers in the community. Whatever the case might be, working alongside dedicated peers can help you grow your company to its full potential.

Anytime and Anyday

Shedpoint knows that e-commerce doesn’t happen on a set routine or schedule. You’ll have all-day and all-night access to our meeting rooms and board rooms. We want to make sure you are as successful as you can be; part of that commitment is providing flexible, adaptable, and dependable meeting spaces for you to utilize however you see fit. 

Shedpoint’s family of entrepreneurs is rapidly growing. Become a part of our dynamic team today! Give us a call at 587-417-5053 to book a tour of our facilities.

Flexible Office Spaces