Co-Warehousing, the Next Big Thing

Growing a business is no simple feat. Growing a business that sells physical goods in 2021? The task may seem insurmountable to some, but Shedpoint knows that the daring entrepreneurs willing to take on this challenge are out there, and we want to help you.

E-commerce Businesses Face Unique Challenges

For technology and digital service sector businesses, space is not as much of an issue. Much of the work that is done and the services that are offered can be handled digitally or remotely. This means that these businesses have access to flexible options for the office space that they may need. However, this same luxury does not extend to businesses that deal with physical goods. Shedpoint ensures that e-commerce startups are able to operate on a level playing field by offering both the office space and the warehouse space that you require.

Benefits of Co-Warehousing

Co-warehousing spaces address the challenges and disadvantages of traditional warehousing by serving as a place where multiple businesses can come together and work under one roof. This allows resources to be better distributed to suit your specific needs and ensures that the space is best utilized to its full potential. Co-warehousing prevents the need for you to rent out bigger spaces than needed and doesn’t lock you into long-term multi-year leases. Shedpoint’s solutions are flexible; we work with you to adapt to your changing business needs. In addition, working alongside a team of like-minded individuals allows you to easily exchange business ideas and look for new sources of innovation. Finally, a membership with Shedpoint goes beyond simple warehouse space. We offer our entrepreneurs financial, legal, and scalability support to help your business thrive in the days to come.

Shedpoint was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our philosophy is clearly displayed in everything that we do, from the co-warehousing services that we offer to the way we treat our clients and partners. Visit our website at today to book a tour with us!

Co-Warehousing Benefits