What Exactly is Co-Warehousing?

Everyone is familiar with giant e-commerce companies, many of which have become household names. The dominance of these larger companies can make starting up an e-commerce business feel like an impossible task. Shedpoint was founded with a vision of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs to create prosperous e-commerce companies.

Why the Need for Co-Warehousing?

One of the biggest challenges an up-and-coming physical goods business faces is the need to find physical space. Clean and reliable office spaces are hard to come by and are often locked behind expensive rents, premiums, and other fees. In addition, e-commerce businesses rely on access to secure warehouse and storage space to keep their goods and products. Shedpoint’s innovative co-warehousing options offer a solution to both of these common problems that new e-commerce companies face.

Shedpoint’s Solution

Co-warehousing essentially involves multiple companies sharing a common warehouse space. While the concept itself sounds simple, co-warehousing comes with a plethora of benefits for small and medium businesses. Namely, having exposure to like-minded entrepreneurs in a single space allows ideas to flow freely and lets you build on each other’s successes. Shedpoint’s warehouse is located just 10 minutes from downtown, allowing you easy and convenient access. Our room designs are inspired by previous Alberta innovators; they are the perfect place to launch the next wave of local entrepreneurs. 

What Else Does Shedpoint Offer?

Aside from warehouse space, Shedpoint helps you manage the logistics of handling your e-commerce business. One of the biggest expenses that come with growing an e-commerce business is dealing with fulfillment and logistics. Shedpoint knows this well, so we’ve made sure that an onsite logistics coordinator is present to assist you with any of these needs that you may have. Our facilities come equipped with a full gym that is included in your membership, and we always offer 24/7 access and parking spaces.

Shedpoint’s co-warehousing solutions can be the boost that your business needs to compete with the bigger players. If you are ready to see how Shedpoint can help your business grow, visit our website at https://shedpoint.com/ to book a tour with us today!

What is Co-Warehousing?